How to Spend 10 Days in Ontario

Ever since I set foot in Canada for the first time four years ago, I've been in love. I was smitten by the friendliness of locals and the beauty of the scenery alike. In no other place had I experienced so much vast emptiness whilst at the same time always finding things to do, people to hang out with and adventures to have. I knew I had to return - and luck[...]

Niagara Falls: The USA or Canadian Side?

Ahh, Niagara Falls. One of the world's greatest waterfalls, a wonder of North America, and a true Natural beauty. Right? Well, perhaps it's not quite the natural wonder I was expecting, particularly if you've been to any National Parks in the USA or Canada. Niagara Falls has grown to become a huge tourist attraction, and while the falls themselves are still [...]

Travelettes at Toronto International Film Festival

I should be honest and say that the  alternative working title for this post was and in many ways still is "Stalking Jared Leto in Toronto." Such was my excitement at hearing he was in town at the same time as me presenting his film Artifact, which premiered at Toronto International Film Festival. Within moments of landing at Toronto Pearson I'd seen news [...]