Khao Lak

10 Commandments for getting over a heartbreak

Thailand is good for all sorts of occasions: to party, to find adventure, for girlfriends and for romance. The last time I wrote about Thailand here I was in love and we were annoying the other patrons in a hotel in Phuket. This time around I am heartbroken and desperately trying to get over it. Why did I choose to return? Because quite frankly I love Thaila[...]

The Sarojin - a place you can only imagine

"If you can imagine it, we can make it happen", says Justin and pours us another glass of prosecco as we watch the sunset above the Andaman sea. The entire scenery is completely unreal. Here we are, Bea and I, sitting at a beautiful private beach on gorgeous design beach chairs, set up for us especially to enjoy the sun hit the ocean while the sky turns oran[...]