Sri Lanka

5,200 Steps to Sunrise: Climbing Adam's Peak

2:00 a.m. is an awfully early time for the alarm to ring. Especially when 80% of your previous day was spent on jam-packed buses, your sleep count barely reaches 3 hours, and... you have a mountain to climb. Not just any mountain, either: the famously challenging Sri Pada, more commonly known as Adam's Peak — a venerable ridge that towers above most of Sr[...]

12 Cool Things to Do in Colombo, Sri Lanka

When the Tourist Board of Colombo handed me a map of the city, they spontaneously highlighted: The famous Colombo Fort The National Museum Three shopping malls. Wait. Was that all there was to the Sri Lankan capital? Two tourist landmarks—and chain stores? Thankfully, that was untrue: by exploring a little, I actually gathered 12 cool things to do[...]