10 Reasons Why Mongolia Will Blow Your Mind

I'll admit that I knew very little about Mongolia before I arrived there. But something about the country fascinated me. Mongolia is the least populated country in the world in relation to its size. Compared to other countries in Asia, the vast open spaces, nomadic culture and untouched nature of the landscapes really make it stand out. There are steppes, de[...]

Traveletting on the Trans-Mongolian Railway

Moments pass like a blur through the scratched window of my airport taxi. Communist tower blocks, Russian lettering, illuminating lights at the street side, and then blackness as far as the eye could see. Ulaan Baatar was the beginning of my trip through Mongolia, Siberia and Russia, and upon first landing, the city was like no other part of Asia I had previ[...]

Why You Should Add the Naadam Festival to Your Bucket List

Do you know the legend of Genghis Khan? It is told that Genghis Khan was born with a blood clot in his hand and therefore destined to lead Mongolia to become the world’s largest empire. Genghis Khan’s vast empire was founded upon Mongolia’s nomadic steppe life and horses. It was this legend that captured my imagination and lead me to catching a train from Be[...]