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Coming to Landaa Giravaaru, short Landaa, felt like a dream. We had just been spending 4 amazing nights at the Four Seasons Resort in Kuda Huraa, another Maldives Island, (we wrote all about it here) and we really didn’t think there could be any upgrade from there. There was.

We walked into our beach villa – or was it a beach mansion? – like rap stars. Nina and Katja were back …

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Do you ever stop and wonder how lucky you are? I don’t know you of course, but if you have a job that pays the bills, a roof over your head and a few friends who love you then that’s a pretty good start. Add the occasional holiday and maybe a few fun nights out on the town and you’re even better off.
Traveling, more than anything, reguarly reminds me of …

[ Written by Katja | 10 Oct 2012 | 4 Comments | ]

The Maldives. Faraway paradise, reservered for honeymooners, vowel renewers, anniversary celebraters, wife cheaters and other people that come in couples. A place so exclusive that a trip there can only be afforded once in a lifetime and will forever be the pride of your family photo album.

Whatever you might think about the Maldives, some of it is probably true and other things aren’t, like with everything in life. Before I …

[ Written by Katja | 28 May 2012 | 4 Comments | ]

With the weekend coming along and the days growing shorter and colder, inevitably every year at this time I start itching to run away and play on a tropical island. Let me just start out by saying I’m the kind of girl who is perfectly happy (well, content anyways) to rough it a bit. I’d rather stretch out my vacation for months, traveling, eating and sleeping like the …

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