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Mcleod Ganj

Ngawang, 35,  Mcleod Ganj
Ngawang came to India 12 years ago as a political refugee from Tibet.  She is a nun in the buddhist nun in Dharamsala.
(Since the invasion of the Chinese in 1950 Tibet has been under the control of the people’s republic of China. There is much controversy between reports of the Chinese and the Tibetans as to how the Chinese occupation affects Tibet and its inhabitants and a …

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Mcleod Ganj is a village on top of a mountain which was originally built by tibetan refugees leaving tibet through the himalayas to escape chinese oppression.
Come here to breathe easy as temperatures are accommodating (about 25 degres celsius) and pollution is low. There are lots of guest-houses, restaurants and shops to suit all visitors and a lot of people end up staying here longer than originally planned since the vibe …

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Tamar, 26, Mcleod Ganj
Tamar is originally from Israel but left the country at the age of 5 when her family moved to Canada. She’s been traveling and living in India for 2 years.
Travelettes: Tell us about your India trip so far.
Tamar: I came here 2 years ago and at first I just traveled around to all sorts of places all over the country. Somewhere along the way an astrologist told …

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Mcleod Ganj