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In a hammam the Moroccans not only say goodbye to dirt and dry skin, but the inhibitions of everyday life outside. Sounds like an oasis of peace, soap bubbles and relaxation? Not quite – you literally need to have a thick skin there!

“Watch out, watch out”, a man with a turquoise hood tries to find his way through the narrow streets. He’s sitting on a donkey that carries a trailer …

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There are design hotels that amaze with their delightful aesthetics and architectural class and bravery. Then there are luxury hotels that indulge with their elegance, decadence and knock-your-socks-off-then-pick-them-up-and-tidy-them-away excellent service.
Then there is the Selman in Marrakech, which has somehow managed to slot itself into both of these categories, all the while smiling and not offering even a hint of pretentiousness or overdoing the exclusivity.
Plus, they have horses.

I’ll get to the …

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The motorcycle – a symbol of freedom, adventure and youth ever since the 50s spawned those early rebels without a cause and Ted Simon hit the road to pen Jupiter’s Travels. But so often in pop culture do women seem relegated to perching prettily on the back of the bike despite the fact that all around the world I’ve witnessed ladies fearlessly manning their own machines; perhaps not in heels …

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Travel and fashion go well together. We like to look the part while conquering the world with our camera and designers have always looked to travel for inspiration. Sometimes they travel through time, visiting ancient places with ruins long lost and bustling skirt hems long shortened and replaced by trousers. Sometimes they travel through the world, either literally getting up close or from afar via recounts of adventurers, anthropologists or …

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The first time i visited Marrakech I was 15. At the time my family and I were staying at a sprawling resort in Agadir, along the Atlantic coast and one day we decided to do the 3-hour road trip to see the Moroccan metropolis. I don’t remember much, other than the intense August heat that numbed all my senses. To this day those 5 hours have burnt themselves into my …

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Once upon a time, there was a little girl living in an old riad, within the red solid clay walls of the Medina in Marrakech.
Her days were filled with school tasks, with helping her mom and her aunts with light chores and playing with her little brother. In the evening, after dinner was served, she would sit on the lap of her grandpa and listen to his stories.
But once the …

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