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The Travelettes Christmas Market

Hello Ladies, Remember the fabulous Travelettes Fleamarket we organized last summer? A lot of you have been asking when we would be back and now that it's Christmas, it's time for a lovely Christmas Flea Market! The market will again be in Berlin, at the cosy bar Dr. Pong at Eberswalderstr. 21,  on the 19th of December from 10am to 6pm. For those of [...]

Grander than Grand Canyon

I've seen some pretty cool and crazy sights over the years but really nothing compares to Bryce Canyon national park in good old Utah USA. Time for a physical geography lesson on this travel blog; interestingly you can’t really use the word “canyon” to describe Bryce because it is carved by freeze-thaw cycles, not a river (this travelette is a geography g[...]

Moleskine City Love

Creating, drawing, exploring, organizing, painting, recording, sharing, travelling, writing; there are endless uses for a Moleskine notepad and if you needed a reason to love them even more here it is; introducing Moleskine City guides, the first guidebook you write yourself! A Moleskine City guide is not a conventional travel guide with pre-written h[...]

Paris - Kuala Lumpur for only 99 euros

Being a passionate travelette on a student budget I always try to keep track on special offers from the different airlines to get around as cheap as possible. A couple of days ago I almost fell of my chair reading that I could get from Paris to Kuala Lumpur for only 99 euros, now I just need to figure out whether I have time to go - at least I don't have to [...]

Breakfast Wonderland Stockholm: Cafe String

I haven’t given breakfast all the attention it deserves during the past. I used to skip it usually, simply because it meant 10 extra minutes spent in bed. Lately this attitude has changed, and now, especially when traveling, I seek out the best places to have breakfast in to start of my day right. Last Summer I spent some time in Stockholm. Since shops di[...]

Hot Boozy Drinks to Keep Warm This Winter

Last year, when I was living in Hungary, some friends and I developed a bit of an obsession with hot, mulled wine (forralt bor in Hungarian). We bought it at the Christmas Market, sipped in in our favorite cafes, and even attempted making it ourselves at one of the numerous dinner parties we had at my flat. Warm beverages and winter go hand in hand for me. A[...]

Day Hikin' in Oakland, California

I'm afraid I've been spending entirely too much time in the city lately. I love living in Oakland and I'm super focused on my school work right now, but these last few week I've started to feel a bit of urban cabin fever. Each weekend is a scramble to organize a trip, any little trip, just to get out and exercise the Travelette in me. However, many of my rec[...]

Holidays at Home - pt. 1 (Berlin)

It's usually when you're stuck at home with a terribly dull yet ever-so-urgent task or assignment, that you start reminiscing about past holidays or daydreaming about the next vacation getaway. Combine an accute case of itchy feet and the inability to leave your current whereabouts even if just for a single day, and you've got yourself a homemade catastrophe[...]

India - Streetlife

Visiting India, there was so much to see, smell, sense and naturally there was a photo to be taken at every possible corner. The most fascinating thing to photograph was everyday life, which istotally different to where i am from. Life here, is mostly being lived out on the streets. As temperatures are hot and air conditioners are expensive, staying inside i[...]

The cheap flight formula

Dear travelettes, what would you say if I told you I know exactly when you should book you flight ticket in order to get the best flight? Too good to be true? You might not want to book your flight to early, because you're no able to plan too much in advance (like me), but if you wait too long you ticket might get too expensive. I normally use the same tr[...]

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