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Following on from my Valentine’s Day post and Annika’s wise and worthy Why I Prefer to Travel Solo article, it came to light that we haven’t really discussed travelling with a partner at much length on Travelettes. While we applaud all solo female travellers and encourage girls to backpack together in heels around the world, we aren’t immune to the charms of travelling with the one you love, even if …

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It can be assumed that if I’m a travel blogger, a Travelette and a perpetual traveller that my one big passion in life is travel.
Except it’s not.
My real passion – and the dream I suspect I’ll spend the rest of my days chasing – is to write stories. For me, there is nothing more rewarding, more exciting and more flipping good fun than making up people, places and putting them …

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Valentine’s Day will always be received with a mixed reception, depending so much on your “Relationship Status”, a term I hate in itself.
When I was single, I sort of half-loathed, half-loved it because despite all indications to the contrary I would hope against hope that come 14th February I would get a mystery Valentine through my post box. I did once… aged 11. I thought it was a sign of …

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Whilst staying at the Pand Hotel in Bruges I slept in bed sheets by Ralph Lauren, I saw vintage Louis Vuitton luggae in the lobby, I washed with complimentary toiletries by Hermes and I drank a glass of champagne each morning at breakfast. Do I need to carry on with this review?
Ah okay, I’ll share a few more details with you.
The Pand Hotel is a centrally located boutique luxury hotel …

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Amalie is a young Norwegian girl. She is twenty years old, has long straight hair and bright green-grey eyes. She loves animals, she likes to run and to swim and she smiles when she receives messages from a boy she likes. One day she’d like to travel the world.
“I’d like to see more of South America.” She says. “I want to travel around, meet the local people, eat local foods, …

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Beautiful? Yes! Historic? Oh, yes. As quaint as a quaint can be? Absolutely! But cool? Is Bruges really a cool city to hang out in?
On my recent visit I realised that yes, Bruges is a cool city and so here are my recommendations for ten cool things to do in Bruges from eating in trendy lunch eateries to getting on your bike.
1. In Bruges Walking Tour

One of the coolest things about …

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You may or may not know it, but us Travelettes are a budding group of linguists, in fact English is only a native language for three of us and don’t for a second think that those non-English speakers have just one extra language hiding in their brains, because many of the Travelettes have conquered multiple languages. The most incredible thing is that I know we’re not alone; most of our …

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Should old acquaintance be forgot
And never brought to mind
Should all acquaintance be forgot
And auld lang syne
For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne,
We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
For auld lang syne…
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here’s a little photo of what I witnessed last night – a world record breaking firework display in Dubai – it was incredible! I’ll share more photos and my experience with you soon. How did …

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Following on from our recent post about faux facades and buildings that don’t exist, I stumbled upon these photos by photographer Kevin Bauman, a collection called 100 Abandoned Houses. I found them spooky, provoking and strangely addictive. They were shot in Detroit – the photographer’s hometown – and the project began over a decade ago when he began to notice a steady decline in some of the city’s neighbourhoods. This week …

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A year ago I wrote this article about the lessons I’ve learned in the first twelve months of being a “digital nomad“. It’s become one of our most popular articles on Travelettes, it served as the basis for a number of talks I’ve given on the subject and it was recently featured in an article in Germany’s national newspaper Der Spiegel (here in German). It’s now been two years since …

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