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I thought that when I saw a photo of the duo behind 365 docobites via the brilliant Humans of Amsterdam Facebook page (which of course is influenced by the mahoosively popular Humans of New York) that was the first time I’d heard of the project.

With Debra from Humans of Amsterdam.

But a quick navigation around their website and I realised I’d seen some of their work before on Sailing HR’s Facebook …

[ Written by Frankie | 22 Oct 2014 | 6 Comments | ]

We love wishlists, you love wishlists, but does winter travel love wishlists?
Does the cold, snow and windy weather lend itself to being explored, enjoyed and embraced?
YES, is my confident answer, which is based on many previous winters bringing me some of the best travel experiences I’ve ever had. While Kathi outlined her winter travel bucket list earlier this year and we’ve given you five reasons to travel in Europe this winter, …

[ Written by Frankie | 13 Oct 2014 | 3 Comments | ]

Do you remember when I took over the Travelettes’ Instagram account and took you all with me to Tuscany for a long and lazy weekend near Lucca at the end of last month?
We had fun, didn’t we? Alright, I admit it’s possible I had more fun than you but hey, you could have been somewhere warmer, sunnier and closer to more delicious foods than a girl can eat in four …

[ Written by Frankie | 11 Oct 2014 | 10 Comments | ]

Last year I wrote an article called 21 Reasons to Love Rotterdam. It went a little bit viral, with nearly 4000 shares, 40+ comments, several emails and an invitation from a Rotterdam company asking me to speak at one of their conferences.
As a young(ish) British woman living in Amsterdam, but loving Rotterdam from afar, it was a strange experience, but it was also testament to the community spirit to be found …

[ Written by Frankie | 6 Oct 2014 | 4 Comments | ]

I published my second book, London Eyes, this month and some of you are already reading it.
It’s hard to explain how that feels. The best description I can come up with is that it’s like somebody going through a drawer full of your best underwear. While it feels very personal and invasive, you’re also quite proud of your fine silk undies so you don’t actually mind and you very much …

[ Written by Frankie | 23 Sep 2014 | 6 Comments | ]

Not many old buildings still stand in the centre of Rotterdam, a city all but flattened by the Second World War, but there are a few. What is spooky is that the ones that remained, standing tall above the rubble, were arguably the most important buildings; the post office and St Lawrence Church in the centre of the city, and over by the water, the port’s customs house and gatehouse, …

[ Written by Frankie | 17 Sep 2014 | 7 Comments | ]

There are a few cities that have sat on my “must visit” list so long that they have changed and in some ways they are no longer the place I thought they were.
At the risk of offending my editor and many of you lovely readers, Berlin was one of those cities for me. By the time I visited it was no longer “up and coming”; it had come up as …

[ Written by Frankie | 24 Aug 2014 | 20 Comments | ]

Before you go sailing in Croatia, you need to ask yourself one thing: How much do you love the colour blue?
You see I thought I loved the colour blue, but I had no idea how much until last week when four other Travelettes and I met up to sail to the islands on the country’s Dalmatian coast. I dare say you would have the same realisation should you find yourself …

[ Written by Frankie | 18 Aug 2014 | 12 Comments | ]

Thirteen may be unlucky for some, but it’s a good number today as it’s the number of essential ingredients I believe are needed for a great city break with good girlfriends. Feel free to use this as a checklist to get a city break planned with your friends or family.
1. Good girls.

I have many good girlfriends but my most recent city break trip was with my two oldest friends. They …

[ Written by Frankie | 18 Jul 2014 | 5 Comments | ]

Hello book-loving friends! That’s all of you, right?
So I asked my fellow Travelettes to recommend some books for a summer reading list and here are the results, some beautiful wanderlust-inducing reads about places, people and the power of travel.
Please feel free to add any of the books you’ve loved recently in the comments and I will add them to this bookshelf on Goodreads where you can find all of these books …

[ Written by Frankie | 15 Jul 2014 | 15 Comments | ]