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The Travelettes Winter Reading List

Winter is an ideal time to get your reading that bit deeper, that bit more philosophical, that bit different. Winter is a great time to dig into genres that you normally won’t even consider, the sections in book stores that you would skip on a happy summer day. And on a completely different note, hiding in books is also a useful method to beat the post-Chris[...]

Hotels we love: The Conrad Algarve

Me on the road is generally not a very tender and graceful affair. Me on the road usually involves a lot of swearing, excess luggage and sleeping on buses or trains (in fact I just woke up from a two-hour nap on my backpack as I’m writing this). And so it happened last week: I stumbled out of my flat in Berlin at a disgraceful time somewhere between midnight[...]

19 ways to make a Saturday feel like a holiday

Is there anyone among us who doesn't love this whole "'Tis the season" business to bits? Thought so. The time between autumn and winter, so basically anything between October and Christmas, is filled with so many warm colours that it turns any forest or leafy street into my happy place. Even though it does get pretty cold before, I dread having to welcome th[...]

6 Cities to see in 2015

I love new beginnings. While I'm somewhere between shocked and stunned that we'll pop cheap champagne to welcome a new year in just six weeks, 2015 to me is already filled with dreams, uncertainty and travel itineraries. I’ve never been to any of the places below (shock horror!) so my imagination may well be absolute nonsense but you’re welcome to share some[...]

How to be a better Travel Writer

I've always thought that being a good writer largely depends on getting some kind of superhuman inspiration from outer space. I thought it's something that magically happens once you want it badly enough. In 2014, I know that this has been one of the dumbest assumptions everrrr. During three years of journalism school, I didn't really learn how to be a good[...]

Planning a Hiking trip to Stolsheimen, Norway

I genuinely believe that hiking in Norway is one of the best things a human being could possibly do on a long weekend. Walking through, wait for it, 50 shades of green for hours and hours, armed with a map, a bottle of water and a camera, and then finally arriving at the hut completely exhausted, you will feel like you've just discovered a whole new level of[...]

Beirut Diaries III: A city guide

Visiting Lebanon should be on everyone's bucket list. But instead of boring you to death with how much I love exploring it (again), I will introduce you to not just a few, but all of my favourite places in Beirut. Take out your notebooks and see whether some of the fascination jumps over to your side of the screen. Café culture  Dawawine is a cinem[...]

Dave Tomkins: Travel photography by the grandparents

When Dave Tomkins' grandfather, Stephen Clarke, moved into a nursing home in Australia, Dave helped clear out his house and came across a bunch of old slides taken all over the world. He then asked his grandfather (who never saw himself as a travel photographer) where they were taken - without success: "I got the slides scanned and took them down to show him[...]

Beirut Diaries II: Take me to the mountains

Do you remember my little moan about new beginnings last week? Well, that has turned into wanting to cancel my return flight and just stay. I've discovered the Lebanese mountains which you may have spotted on Instagram, took part in a few trips with an ecotourism club (mine was called Vamos Todos but there's a huge variety in Lebanon, they all offer differen[...]

It's a family portrait: Two weeks near Lake Garda

Traveling with your family can be a roller coaster business: They’re the few people who have known you all your life, they are well aware of how you magnificent you look at 7am or when you have the flue, they've seen you achieve great things and they've watched you behaving like an idiot. No pressure. But it can also be an awesome, long overdue reunion when [...]

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