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Travelette of the Month: Charlotte Eriksson

When Charlotte Eriksson recently told us the story behind her music and writing, we knew that you guys had to meet her! Charlotte is a Swedish singer-songwriter and author who left home at the age of 18 to pursue her art, and has been a constant traveler since. In between publishing her new short story collection ('Another vagabond lost to love', which immed[...]

Our 6 favorite indie travel magazines

I love the internet, its unpredictability, its seemingly inexhaustible wealth of ideas, new talent - and weirdness. But sometimes, just sometimes, I love myself a good old physical magazine that filters out some of the best bits of it. There's nothing like a good indie magazine with its thick pages, bold narratives and beautifully designed pages. So witho[...]

Why I love the in-betweens of travelling

Your flight is delayed? You’re spending way too much time at an empty train station because services only run once every three hours? You’re frustrated because there just seems to be too much time going wasted before you can kick off the real adventure? Well, you lovely worn-out traveller, this one is for you because I've come to appreciate these moments.[...]

Getting in Shape in Belek, Turkey

Remember how I told you about the changes I’ve made to my exercising routine whilst traveling? (The secret is to actually start having one.) Well, this time I went to a trip specifically to exercise and to try as many new ways to tease my muscles as possible. And guess what? I came back feeling a hundred times more refreshed, active and centered than in any [...]

The best travel and road movies

It's a flippin' freezing February here in Europe and all too often I find myself opting for an early night with friends, tea and television instead of braving the dark and flu-ridden real life out there. My current and the girls’ favourite travel movie right now is Wild. If you missed it, go watch it, it’s perfect. As for the other ideas, I’ve tried not t[...]

Keeping fit on the road

It's a not just a little ironic that I am the one writing a post on exercising here. I've always had trouble keeping up with my exercise - if there ever was any - at home, let alone whilst traveling. But. And that's a big but. Things have changed. From someone who is eating way too many burgers and no salad, who only ran when it was for the bus or airpor[...]

Why Vancouver has it all

During a month-long road trip through the US and Canada in summer, I nearly skipped Vancouver because it just seemed a little too out of the way from Toronto. I’m so glad I didn’t. I spent some of the happiest days of my life over there. Now that might have been a combination of great people, blue skies, general euphoria and the city's summer vibe, but I’d a[...]

Seeing the world with new eyes: Headstands by Anton Charushin

How do you keep your travel photography original? It's close to impossible to answer that question with a few words, but Anton Charushin doesn't need words to do that. He just does headstands. A lot of them. Anton, 27, from Russia got into breakdancing in high school where he realised that doing headstands is pretty good for your blood circulation and gen[...]

A very Traveletty year: 2014 on Instagram

You know what the most liked Instagram picture of 2014 is? A picture of Kim Kardashian and Kayne West's wedding. Yeah, that's right. We decided we needed to chip in some blue-sky-cocktails-crystal-ocean pictures to make up for that apparent lack of pictures from the road on this world's social media charts. (Our most liked Instagram picture by the way was[...]

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