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The Travelettes Winter Reading List 2015

Ladies, there's no denying of the fact that winter has come upon us. Being forced to spend that bit more (or, let's face it, all our) time inside has the lovely side-effect that we can finally catch up on the novels we didn't manage to get through this year despite the best of intentions. There were mountains to climb, oceans to swim and kisses to blow after[...]

The worst travel advice ever

I was sitting on a bus last week and staring out into the buzzing streets of Kreuzberg, Berlin, when suddenly my thoughts wandered off thinking about all things I would have missed, how many valuable mistakes I wouldn't have done, and how many beautiful things my eyes would have never seen had I always listened to every bit of advice people have given me. [...]

Top 10 favorite Instagrammers for December 2015

Each month, we are introducing you to our ten favourite new or newly discovered Instagrammers. Who managed to inspire us, make us laugh, think, cry? Or all of the above. 1. James and Rachel and sunshine For James and Rachel, this yellow VW bus changed everything. It was summer 2007, 'Sunshine' was standing on a Kmart parking lot in California and the t[...]

Filming and Dancing in Eastern Europe

Traveling with someone is a bit of a tricky thing. I think over the years I adopted a rather questionable habit that I’m actually more comfortable alone: You get to be just so flexible, are likely to meet more new people than otherwise and everything’s just that bit more intense, both the good and the bad days. And oh how much you learn about yourself! The [...]

Dear 13-year-old me

To say my teenage years were a rollercoaster is a massive euphemism. They were confusing, dramatic, full of absolutely pointless fears and excessive self-doubt. During a recent phone conversation with my 17-year-old sister, I thought about how cool it would be to give some advice to my 13-year-old version that would have never ever dared to believe that she [...]

A year of swimming 52 lakes - The Jessica Lee Story

I'm a nature girl. I could spend all my time running through forests, camping in the mountains or jumping into lakes. The thing is, I'm also a bit of a chicken when it comes to swimming in water with a temperature that's anything below 30°C. Hot showers all the way! Anyway, the project of the Canadian Jessica Lee really peaked my interest: Living in Berlin n[...]

12 hours in Oslo

Norway has this thing where the countryside is so beautiful that you almost want to get out of its cities as soon as possible. Except that Norwegian cities are also pretty stunning. So what do you when your plane landed, that backpack is ready for serious action and you still want to sip some coffee in the coolest part (Grünerlokka!) of Oslo? Well, you squee[...]

Top 10 favorite Instagrammers for October 2015

Each month, we are introducing you to our ten favourite new or newly discovered Instagrammers. Who managed to inspire us, make us laugh, think, cry? Or all of the above? Thank God it's autumn. Like many of you I'm sure, I've secretly been waiting for rainy days and dark afternoons - or just for an excuse to cuddle up on the swing in my living room (Yes! S[...]

#endFGM: "They had taken part of my body away"

It's a tragedy most of us luckily cannot even begin to fathom: female genital mutilation (FGM). According to the World Health Organisation, it describes "all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons". It's cruel, but it's also the daily reality of t[...]

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