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An Ode to the Camper Van

Written by 23 October 2011 2 Comments

Nothing sums up the nostalgia of embarking on an old-school road trip better than a T1 Volkswagen camper van. Don’t we all secretly long to purchase one of these beauts, pack our acoustic guitar and that good-looking curly-haired neighbour boy of ours, and hit the road?

VW 010 An Ode to the Camper Van

I’ve been a fan of the ‘traditional’ Volkswagen camper van for as long as I can remember, mainly because that’s what my dad used to whisk our family away in for the annual summer holiday. It never occurred to me that there are other, equally amazing and ‘old-school’ types of camper vans out there. That is, until I came across a book called My Cool Campervan, written by Jane Field-Lewis and Chris Haddon.

Vollbildaufzeichnung 22.10.2011 162321.bmp An Ode to the Camper Van

The book was inspired by the My Cool Campervan website, which showcases ways in which old retro camper vans can be vamped up to hit the road in new-found glory. Jane and Chris also blog about their personal caravaning experiences and provide plenty of photos that will make you wish your credit card was loaded enough to handle the price of just one of these…

Vollbildaufzeichnung 22.10.2011 162337.bmp An Ode to the Camper Van

vw 6 An Ode to the Camper Van

vw 3 An Ode to the Camper Van

My Cool Campervan not only features images of the vehicles taken by Tina Hillier, it also provides detailed accounts of the individual owners’ endeavours to turn them from second-hand junk into the prized possessions they can rightfully be described as today.

vw 4 An Ode to the Camper Van

As if this BMC camper wasn’t unusual enough on the outside, check out the interior…

vw 5 An Ode to the Camper Van

Same goes for this unique 1960s Ginetta car-camper: (only one has been made, ever!)

VW An Ode to the Camper Van

We’ve never been so jealous of a dog before…

vw 2 An Ode to the Camper Van

I’m also embarrassed to admit that some of these camper vans have cooler interior design than my house:

Vollbildaufzeichnung 22.10.2011 162342.bmp An Ode to the Camper Van

Vollbildaufzeichnung 22.10.2011 162346.bmp An Ode to the Camper Van

For a sneak peak, check out The Guardian‘s photo gallery which also contains original text excerpts from the book.

Signed copies can be ordered online here for £12.50 plus £3.60 UK postage, overseas buyers need to send requests via email to info@mycoolcaravan.com.

Now, let’s hear it! Which one is your favourite?

vw 8 An Ode to the Camper Van

.All photographs by Tina Hillier

pixel An Ode to the Camper Van

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    Really like our Volkswagen T3, most certainly a VW guy forever now

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