Italia. Nothing to say about Italia that is not dipped in admiration, longing and pure love. Italy is the one country I can never get enough of. A place where I never get a feeling of “ok that was nice, and now i want to go back home”. I think it’s safe to say that one day I will purchase a beautiful apartment somewhere in Naples where I will spent those months of the year that in Berlin can only be handled wearing 4 layers of wool clothing.

2 days ago I came back to Italy where I spent a lovely 2 days in Milan with my family (a weekend trip to Milan was my birthday gift to my mom this year). Now that the fam is back on the plane to Germania I am left with a small suitcase, an overnight train ticket to Rome and a bag of expectation.

My itinerary is as follows: Milano, Como, Roma, Palermo, Sicily in general (recommendations appreciated) and Napoli from where I will return home to berlin in 10 days.

These are some first impressions I have come across during my first days in Bella Itala.