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A love for Italy

Written by 25 July 2010 6 Comments

Italia. Nothing to say about Italia that is not dipped in admiration, longing and pure love. Italy is the one country I can never get enough of. A place where I never get a feeling of “ok that was nice, and now i want to go back home”. I think it’s safe to say that one day I will purchase a beautiful apartment somewhere in Naples where I will spent those months of the year that in Berlin can only be handled wearing 4 layers of wool clothing.

2 days ago I came back to Italy where I spent a lovely 2 days in Milan with my family (a weekend trip to Milan was my birthday gift to my mom this year). Now that the fam is back on the plane to Germania I am left with a small suitcase, an overnight train ticket to Rome and a bag of expectation.

My itinerary is as follows: Milano, Como, Roma, Palermo, Sicily in general (recommendations appreciated) and Napoli from where I will return home to berlin in 10 days.

These are some first impressions I have come across during my first days in Bella Itala.

IMG 3663 A love for Italy IMG 3471 A love for Italy IMG 3480 A love for Italy IMG 3479 A love for Italy IMG 3668 A love for Italy IMG 3636 A love for Italy IMG 3485 A love for Italy IMG 3499 A love for Italy IMG 3524 A love for Italy IMG 3544 A love for Italy IMG 3566 A love for Italy IMG 35381 A love for Italy IMG 3536 A love for Italy IMG 3521 A love for Italy IMG 3542 A love for Italy IMG 3509 A love for Italy IMG 3589 A love for Italy IMG 3601 A love for Italy IMG 3588 A love for Italy IMG 3606 A love for Italy

pixel A love for Italy

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  • Teresa said:


  • nina said:

    Could you bring me that pink vespa, please? Thanks!

  • katja (author) said:

    ah sorry nina, that vespa has my name on it. find your own! :)

  • nina said:

    Good that I already have a black one :P

  • Michelle said:

    Katja! If you have never been to the island Ischia(you can get a ferry from Napoli), you must go! People call it “the party island”, but it is so much more than that. I am, and forever will be, in love with Ischia. I went there at the end of a three week trip to Italy just a month ago and all I want now that I am home is to return to the island. The Ring Hostel is where I stayed, and I highly recommend it. Lorenzo will come and take anyone staying in the hostel to his family’s restaurant every night at 8:30PM. It is such a lovely way to meet people. There is also some natural hot springs, that are amazing at 2AM with six bottles of red wine to share with the new friends you are bound to make. I really encourage you to go and don’t make the mistake of not taking loads of photos(as I did, because I was having so much fun I forgot all about it!)

  • Bezzieboo said:

    Wow! So that’s what the Milano canal looks with like water in it! We went last year and it was empty – not very “picturesque” Haha. What camera and lens do you use? Love your photos!

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