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A Few Summer Nights in Barcelona

Written by 1 August 2014 5 Comments

Barcelona has been on the table for years as a heart of tourism in the Northern Spain. It’s a cosmopolitan and colorful Mediterranean city with a fun soaking atmosphere. It fascinates visitors with its moody winding narrow streets, dynamic nightlife, seafront masterpiece, unique architecture and multiple squares to enjoy sangria and tapas. We all know the deal.

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Discovering Barcelona might sometimes seem overwhelming, simply because there’s just too much to do and see. And let’s face it: the city is indeed rather freaking enormous. Even so, where to go is not the million dollar question that noodles around my head every time I arrive to the quite home-alike airport. What raises my eyebrows is the question how locals always seem to have spare moments to lie in the sun, savor on 4-hour dinners, and despite all of that, still spent countless of hours for conversations that take 45 minutes in Spain, and two in Scandinavia?

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The thing is, up north you always seem to be in a hurry. In Barcelona, no one is having the scurry. No matter how many fiestas, the next day there’s always the siesta. After visiting the city numerous of times, the hidden gem discovery doesn’t fascinate in the same way it used to.

Even though the mysteries and new tiny stores are always exciting to explore, this time the one-week visit was not about polishing miss detective skills. On this occasion, the purpose was a hardcore relaxation and the celebration of the brightly beautiful summer nights.

A good reminder of how lively a Monday night in Barcelona can be, was the big pimping, firecracker-filled summer celebration called San Juan, for which I was lucky enough to arrive just in time. To sum up in retrospect, I just have to say that these techno loving bastards know how to party. Around the nightfall, between the 23-24 of June in 2014, the whole city got lighted up, and no big bangs were saved for the New Years. San Juan is the longest day of the year, and kick starts the shimmering sunny season. For many, it’s also one of the most magical dusk to dawn, which can be seen from the large number of bonfires and cheerful people at the main beach, Barceloneta.

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After the unforgettable midsummer night, a quick but pampering recovery visit to the oriental spa, Rituels d’Orient, was the right place in order. For a mild luxury seeking wanderer, the treatments inspired by eastern tradition, were more than warmly welcomed. The basic purification ritual removes everything from impurities to dead skin cells, and prepares the skin for a legendary tan.

Later on the week of ease, doing nothing was the holiday program well-planned and executed. After all, short horizontal life pauses are the thing that keep us motivated in the routine. Furthermore, sometimes it also feels good to live a week with an “If I would have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of my life, I would die by next Sunday”- attitude. The moderately inexpensive prizes of the city make this kind of a utopian dream seem reachable, even for eternal budget travelers. Therefore, all you need is $700 million dollars – or visit to Barcy.

For vegans, the infrequently meeting combination of reasonable charges and well-made vegan food is one of the top perks of the city. For now, my favorite animal-loving restaurants serving 3-course menus under 9€ are Juicy Jones and Veggie Garden, both located a stone throw away from the nerve of the shopping street, Ramblas. Hola and Vola!

In the final analysis, traveling to Barcy might at first sound like a total tourist trap, but masses are almost inevitable to face in any large-scale European city during the shining holidays. Furthermore, a few sleepless nights in the never napping Barcelona blended with a solid amount of siesta is a pretty smashing combo for a quick getaway. Always and forever.

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Source , Photos 1-3  Rituels d’Orient, other photos Rita


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  • Olga said:

    I went to Barcelona a year ago, and I really enjoyed the city! What I loved the most was the beautiful, often unique architecture and delicious food! I spent almost a week there, but I feel there is so much more to explore: like you say, the city is enormous! La Sagrada Familia is the most mind-blowing building…


  • Angela said:

    I had my first visit to Barcelona in September last year. It was just a couple of days so would love to go back. Just a fab city.

  • gina said:

    i love barcelona – culture, shopping and a beach! whats not to love?? http://thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/a-break-in-barcelona.html

  • Sarah said:

    I went to Barcelona last year and was one of my favourite places! Its has got a great balance between nightlife, culture and scenery! It has a vibe I haven’t experienced anywhere else – so hectic but laid back at the same time!
    Love this post!
    Sarah- Sipping Life

  • Rita (author) said:

    Thanks lovely ladies for the comments. Hopefully we all get back to Barcy soon. Damn, just realized how much I miss sangria.

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