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7 types of female travelers I’ve met on the road

Written by 29 November 2011 25 Comments

I’ve been working abroad for the last 7 years, including the past 2 years on cruise ships. In that time, I’ve met hundreds of women from dozens of countries. Most of the time they’ve been pleasant encounters, especially when they share my love for travel. The interesting thing is, regardless of where they are from people aren’t as different as we make them out to be. There definitely tends to be common personality traits, and these are just 7 such types of female travelers I’ve encountered during my travels.

1. The Artist

The Artist is happiest when life is difficult, because then it’s a journey of self-discovery. For her, travel must be arduous and challenging in order to be meaningful. She’s the kind of person who would go camping by herself for an extended period of time, all in the name of her art.

2. The Researcher

The Researcher is an overachiever and approaches travel the same way she has approached her career. She is not only multi-talented; she has special powers when it comes to Google. She’s the kind of person who will buy the Lonely Planet guide, refer to Wikitravel and practice her foreign language skills at home. She’s the perfect companion to have if you are willing to let her take charge. In return, she will be your impromptu tour guide and teach you new things, like the intricate differences between Rococo and Baroque architecture.

3. The Ladette

The Ladette probably grew up with all brothers. She’s the kind of girl who will go one-for-one drinking with the boys at Oktoberfest and still be standing by the end of it. If she likes a guy, she’ll let him know. She’s also the mostly likely person in the group to be arrested for fighting with a bouncer or for public nudity.

4. The Princess

The Princess is a romantic at heart. She’s one of those girls who as a child, wanted to grow up as a princess. (Even though she’s now an adult, she may still secretly hope it’s a potential career path.) The Princess loves to shop, is always dressed to impress and one of those girls who can walk around a city all day but still look fresh as a daisy at the end of it. Her favorite color is pink and she travels with a suitcase rather than a backpack (possibly also pink). If you want any chance of her joining you out in the nature, you many want to suggest glamping instead of camping.

5. The Hippy

The Hippy will either be a vegetarian, vegan or a raw foodist. She was couchsurfing before there was even a website and has been to Burning Man at least once. She can teach you how to open each of your seven chakras. When she’s bored, she goes to the city to give Free Hugs to lonely normal people. Her favorite plan is to have no plan, ie. she is always late for everything.

6. The Socialite

The Socialite is a master networker and seems know everyone. She’s is always up for a good time, whether it’s to go clubbing on the weekend, a trip to Ibiza, or any other hedonistic holiday around the world. She’s like an energizer bunny and parties like there’s no tomorrow. Her energy is contagious but vacationing with her means little sleep and a few extra days needed for recovery.

7. The Indie Chic

The Indie Chic enjoys bohemian things such as obscure films and music, independently-owned cafes and visiting second-hand bookstores. Her pastimes include looking for the best sushi restaurant in town, shopping at vintage clothing stores and denying the fact that she’s a hipster.

So which one are you? And what other personality types have you encountered?

This post was written by Roy Marvelous, the first man ever to contribute a post to Travelettes! Roy is originally from New Zealand and has been traveling for the past 7 years. But better than any introduction from us is his own on his highly recommended (and dead funny) blog. Check it out!

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  • Juno said:

    Haha well written! I’ve met them…. And honestly I don’t know which one I am. I know I’m not the princess type or party like there’s no tomorrow… But I’m a crazy multi-tasker and like independent cafe/bohemian places.
    Fun read!

  • Yvonne said:

    Thanks Roy! Amazing post! BUT: having a identity crisis now. I’m the Indie Chick for sure (I’M NOT A HIPSTER!) but I’m also kind of the Hippy (would love to go to Burning Man. YAY for team Travelettes/Hejorama) and for sure the Princess (it IS a potential career path!) and as I know more dirty jokes than anyone else I think I’m also the Ladette. I looove Ibiza and also know one or two people and for sure I have magic google skills. Well and Iceland is on my bucket list. So how is it possible to combine all these identities? Well, seems like I’m a TRAVELETTE! :)

  • Ina said:

    BRILLIANT! i love this :)
    have to admit, i was reading the description of indie chic thinking ‘yeah this could be me’ …and when it got to the hipster part i was like ‘noooooo’… oops?!

  • Monica said:

    This is brilliant. Is it possible to be a little bit of everything?

  • Angela said:

    I waver between the “researcher” and the “indie chic”, I have aspects of both of them by I’m by no means the others’ guide nor THAT chic :P

  • nina said:

    So if I confess to be a hipster, am I still the Indie Chic? :D

  • OurPassportStamps~Karen said:

    As I was reading this I realized how much I’ve changed in the last 28 years of independent adult travel…

    So currently at the age of 46

    I’m now 60% Researcher and 40% Indie Chick…though fluctuation
    is expected depending on if I’ve been to the destination before,if so it could be 80% Indie Check and 20% researcher..

    No longer the socialite…I just can’t party like I use to, I need/WANT my sleep

    Never been a Princess (had my own hot wheel collection, in a neighborhood full of boys), but then again there is nothing wrong with a hot shower and toilet that you sit on and flush.

    Hippy..so not me..though if I need a dose of it…I’m near Berkely and Santa Cruz, California

    What a fun post to read…I’m forwarding it to all my girlfriends!

  • arabesque said:

    haha, so can relate to your post.
    i wish i could be a socialite/princess/happy chic at the same time,
    but i think i’m more of an artist/researcher. ^0^

  • Katja said:

    i am all these girls

  • Ian [EagerExistence] said:

    This could just as equally apply to guys..

  • adam said:

    Hahaha – Love that you mention the indie chic tries to deny her hipster tendencies! Nothing wrong with being a hipster :)

  • Roy Marvelous said:

    @Yvonne – I guess being a Travelette means a balance of each of these personalities :)

  • Erin said:

    eeks I have traits from all the categories! I either have an identity crisis or multiple personality disorder. :)

  • fotoeins | Henry said:

    As I’m about to head out onto the road, I feel after reading this post I’m looking forward to meeting all of these female travelers! ;-)

    Thanks for your post, Roy, and thanks for hosting, Travelettes!

  • Anna said:

    I really liked this post- especially the illustrations. I’m totally a Hipster/Researcher. I live on the edges of a hipster neighborhood, so I especially enjoyed how no one is a hipster because that’s the true sign of being one. (Also of being a witch…)

    I hope that I travel far and wide enough to meet all of these types… except hippies. Euch.

  • Sophie said:

    oi! i better not be a princess just because i’d rather glamp than camp! haha

  • Sonja said:

    Great post and illustrations! I’m a mix of Indie Chic, Hippie and Socialite :-)

  • Mimi said:

    When I’m sober, I am the quiet hippy indie chick. When I’m drunk, I’m a socially awkward socialite, some people don’t get the racist Santa jokes..

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  • Sarah said:

    Haha, well said!

    I’ve met some of these girls abroad and I guess I’m a mix between Ladette, hippie and socialite :D

  • Mariana said:

    none, Im a super versatile person so Im total different

  • Kerry at The Insightful Wanderer said:

    I don’t rough it well, but prefer glamping, but I have never wanted to be a princess. Maybe I have one trait from each of these, but I am not really any on the list.

  • Trish said:

    And…..with that I will be unfollowing the Travelettes on Facebook. I see the post is from 2011 but this is the first time I’ve seen it and it’s just silly, sexist and not what I look for in a travel blog.

  • Glamourous Traveller said:

    Lol! I deff have a friend who falls into the Socialite bucket! But I can’t complain about travelling with her. We always get into the best bars, clubs and restaurants!

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