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30 things to love about Denmark

Written by 26 March 2014 14 Comments

Even Shakespeare said it, something is rotten in the state of Denmark. In this case, rotten doesn’t mean anything negative, just something different. Being unique is all about standing out, and Denmark does that in a very adorable way. The happiest country in the world has room for everyone no matter the nationality, color or the gender. However, the unexpected cultural habits might shake the newcomers boat big time, if not warned beforehand.

In the land of Vikings, it’s perfectly fine to be as odd as you are. I’m writing this post not to badmouth the small Scandinavian country, but to encourage everyone to embrace one’s weirdness. In the spirit of the headline, I listed a few refreshingly endearing things that deserve the horn of weirdness, but also the starlight of exceptional awesomeness. The lovable things about bizarre Denmark.



1) Denmark is currently ruled by women. Both the prime minister and the leading queen, Margarethe II, are females in charge. Queen’s husband is not a king, he’s a prince. (Go ladies!)

2) It’s forbidden by law to charge for water in restaurants; however, if the glass of water contains ice or a piece of lemon, the restaurant can put a price tag on it.

3) Silence can be found from the public transport.

4) Danes don’t cross the red lights, even if there is no traffic around.

5) Locals greet acquaintances with cheek-to-cheek-hugs, not kisses.

6) Hot dogs with pickles exist.

7) It’s free for foreigners to get into Danish language school.

8) People sunbathe, run and have picnics on Cemeteries.

9) There’s always a party, after party, morning party… And sometimes even a day after lunch party. Danes like to party.

10) It’s perfectly fine to leave sleeping babies on the yard. They get preferable amounts of fresh air a peaceful space to sleep.

11) More than just a couple men use shorts while running in the wintertime.

12) A self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood, freetown Christiania, locates in the middle of the capital, Copenhagen. It’s administrated and inhabited by former free fighters and their families, and full off self-built houses and free spirited vibe.



13) It’s possible to drive from one side of the capital to another in 40 minutes, with a bike.

14) Practical and comfortable clothes are in fashion. And yes, I’m talking about rain jackets, rain boots, sneakers, backpacks and fleece vests.

15) Almost all the stores close at 6 PM.

16) Danish food is all about potatoes.

17) Smiling strangers are frequently assumed to be tourists or exchange students.

18) Living year-round on a boat is fabolous and many people do it.



19) The globes and maps are a big part of decoration.

20) Oh, did I already tell you that you will always have a reason to party? Whether it’s cold, whether it’s sunny, whether it’s Christmas Eve, whether there’s nothing specific happening, whether you are alone, with a group, with your parents or with your teachers- it’s the right time to skål! (cheers in Danish)

21) The age doesn’t matter when it comes to interacting with other people. You can be best buds with whoever you want to be.

22) Everything is ecological.

23) Having a shower in the bathroom can be considered as luxury.

24) Roskilde festival is by far the best time of the year.

25) People are extremely proud of  their awesome home country, like all of us should be.

26) There’s a Christmas beer celebration (Juleøl) each year on the first Friday of November.

27) The buses run on time.

28) The standard of beauty is very natural and there’s no ideal weight. Beauty is beauty, no matter the size.

29) The wheather changes ten times a day.

30) When Danes are happy, they sing “Det er sommar, det er sol go der er søndag” while biking.

Who could not love the adorable Danes?




rita lahtinen Goofy Rita packed her vans into a backpack first time at the age of eighteen. A round-the-world trip gave a forever lasting spark to always look for new adventures to this talkative vegan girl. She’s always up for new challenges, whether somebody is throwing her out off a plane or giving her a surfboard. Her destinations are often situated somewhere near wavy beaches or other bohemian environments. For the past few years Rita has been on the road non-stop, and lived shortly in way too many places for one person to remember. On a paper she is located in Copenhagen, but you never know where she actually is.

Hit her up at gigglyrita@gmail.com.

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  • Kaelene @Unlocking Kiki said:

    So many of these sound quite similar to Iceland! Love the equality in these countries, girl power all the way.

  • June said:

    Funny post to read! Especially for a Danish girl like me :-)

  • VanBerry said:

    Haha, same thing with Sweden! But I’m really looking forward to travelling to Copenhagen in the summer. It’s such a lovely city. And I still need to see the little Mermaid….last time I was in Copenhagen, the mermaid was on world exhibition in Asia :(

  • The Slow Pace said:

    I love Denmark! This post is great!

  • Kirsten Helbaek said:

    Hi, i just stumpled over this side. I am glad you love Denmark. So do i. Actually i live in Denmark near Roskilde. I love your 29 Things to love about Denmark. An Denmark is not similar to Iceland! Iceland is Cold and Black allover, – i have been there. Denmark is green. Both the people in both contryes are nice. In september travelled in US in an RV, – i would love to do that once more but i dont have the Money.

  • RMR said:

    Sounds very much like Finland except even stranger (but still delicious) street food can be found there!

  • Jenni said:

    Lovely post :) I’ve been to Denmark a couple of times but always in the western areas. I would like to visit Copenhagen :)

    http://jennihearted.blogspot.co.uk/ xxx

  • Rita said:

    Thanks all you sweet cakes, I’m badly in love with the free-spirited vibe of Denmark too. I think that’s one of the distinctive features of Denmark when compared to other Nordic countries. Haha @Vanberry, basic Denmark. You never know what to expect, in a good way.

  • Naomi said:

    I went to Copenhagen for the first time in November and I loved it! It has such a laid-back vibe (rare for a capital city) and I love the Danish attitude to just life in general. My best Danish friend is living in Aarhus and I really hope I can go back in the summer.

  • bisou said:

    I love danish butter cookies..does that count?

  • Hannah said:

    Well as if I didn’t want to move to Denmark enough as it was. This has just confirmed that I really need to do get to this country asap! And the free Danish lessons, that’s awesome!

  • Laura said:

    Somebody take me to Denmark, immediately!

  • Rita said:

    @bisou, I would say that Danish cookies and cinnamon rolls can always be counted to the things to love about denmark. Ah, too many things to love about this country.

  • Henar said:

    Denmark is a fascinating country full of fascinating people and culture! I’m lucky to have called it my home for some time :) Great post ^^



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