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15 Things to Pack on the Trip to Loving Yourself

Written by 19 January 2014 17 Comments

Whether you live in London, New York or Cape Town, you are constantly progressing on your life’s journey. We are all unique and have various trails in life. No matter how many continents you cross and difficulties you will overcome, the biggest and most important voyage is the one learning how to love yourself.

Does loving yourself mean drinking daily smoothies or spending Saturday nights with chocolate and chips without a guilt trip? Does it mean regular exercise, getting an education or traveling on your own? Does it mean stepping away from relationships that no longer serve you or creating new, inspiring ones?

To me, loving oneself means all of those things. Your list may be the same, but probably isn’t. No journey is the same. Loving yourself is all about listening to your intuition, and trying to figure out what your body is trying to tell you. That, in its simplicity, can be a very hard task to fulfill.

The most terrifying trip of my life is the one inside my incredulous mind. Here are 15 sentences that gave me the courage to start walking on this bumpy road to self-confidence, without a return ticket or any intentions to go back to the old.

In your life, you don’t have to travel across the Atlantic to find love. You only need to travel 6 inches. That is the distance from your heart to your mind. -Bikram Choudhury



Be brave enough to do the things you really want to do. People actually dig the fact that you enjoy what you do. If you want to become a photographer, start taking pictures. If you want to travel, save money and go. If you want to find love, find it from yourself. Make sure you do things for you, not for someone else.


Learn to love your imperfection. Your life isn’t a status update. You don’t need a six-pack, bikini bridge or thigh gap; you need to delete your Instagram and shut down your TV. Embrace your individuality and screw society. True beauty is not on the surface – it’s confidence, character and charisma.


One step at the time. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about your next journey, extra pound or goal, simply focus on one thing at the time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? Constructing Sagrada Familia isn’t even finished yet! Trust the process, enjoy the ride. Little by little.


Expect nothing, appreciate it all. Do what you do and be who you want to be. Don’t put your trust on the system or others. Put it on yourself.


 Stop waiting for the perfect moment to begin. Tomorrow, Friday and the next Summer will come, in time. You are not an avocado; only enjoyable when fully ready. Start loving yourself now.


Without struggles, where’s the  progress. Choose to handle the unexpected hardships with humor, assertiveness and grace. ‘The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.’ -Mulan


Learn to enjoy occasional failing as much as succeeding. Mistakes only mean that you are trying. Sometimes you just want to have a glass of champagne instead of Crossfit training or squats. And when you do, do it with class. Have two.


Loving yourself is the biggest superhero act that you can do. Why would you settle to be Robin of your own life, when you are supposed to be Batman?


Have the guts to say yes and a kick ass way to answer no. Often all the good things come to you at the same time, and sometimes they don’t come at all. First be patient, then be humble.


No-no for excuses. It’s never too late. You are never too old. One of my clients started doing yoga last year, and she’s 76 years old. Her goal is to do a split before she turns 80. My former landlord did a round-the-world trip at the age of 67. There’s still time to change the road that you are on.


Give up and let go of. One of the hardest things in life is to let go of something that you thought that would be beside you for the rest of your life. Let go of what you can’t control, give up the relationships and environment that bring drama and negativity into your life. Everyone that can’t see your awesomeness can kiss your fabulous butt.


Always feel like you’re wearing an invisible crown, heels and the most courageous outfit from your closet. Be proud of your crooked nose, be proud of your mistakes, and carry them all with a smile. Don’t wait till you reach your goal to be proud, make every step of your trip legendary.


Don’t force it. The most important thing is to love, but sometimes it just doesn’t come out naturally, particularly on Mondays. Love is like a fart – if you have to force it, it’s probably crap -(anonymous). So don’t.


Be kind and grateful. The way you treat yourself sets a standard to others. If you would treat your loved ones the same way you treat your mind, you would be the one that gets picked up last on the gym class. Be as grateful of your scars and broken bones as you are of from the moments of victory. The beauty of survivors lies in rising after a lost battle, not in 24/7 glory.


Have faith in you. Realize that you can and that you will. There’s not so many things that a determined woman can’t do. And also, there are two things that will never go out of fashion. Those are dreaming and believing.


Just freaking love yourself.

*Sources here and here.


rita lahtinen Goofy Rita packed her vans into a backpack first time at the age of eighteen. A round-the-world trip gave a forever lasting spark to always look for new adventures to this talkative vegan girl. She’s always up for new challenges, whether somebody is throwing her out off a plane or giving her a surfboard. Her destinations are often situated somewhere near wavy beaches or other bohemian environments. For the past few years Rita has been on the road non-stop, and lived shortly in way too many places for one person to remember. On a paper she is located in Copenhagen, but you never know where she actually is.

Hit her up at gigglyrita@gmail.com.

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  • Grace said:

    Such a fab post. For me, nothing is ever good enough and your post helped me to see that maybe I should be kinder to myself. Thank you for sharing – this is one for the save pile!


  • Cornelia said:

    What a great post! So inspirational!! :) Thank you for all your tips.


  • Jessi said:

    Brilliant – I love THIS. Great inspiration :)

  • anna said:

    lovely article, inspired me, thank you for sharing this with all of us,

  • Rosie said:

    Fabulous post! Such great inspiration

  • Suz said:

    NO AVOCADOS??! I love your avocado analogy. sooo good! You have some great tips on being comfortable with yourself and loving yourself which is such a key ingredient in happiness and being able to live a life that is full of love, excitement, adventures and incredible experiences. xo

  • Rita said:

    Thank you all for the lovely comments!
    @Grace, I have been having my own battles with perfectionism, but after I stopped judging myself so hard, many things just got a lot easier! Still working on that do not judge yourself-part, though!
    @Suz, I looove avocados, so that one was hard to write! Good luck to your adventures and thanks for the lovely words!

  • Jill said:

    I love how you compared love to a fart. It is funny but so true. It’s a “refreshing” point of view.

  • Bianca said:

    My husband could not cope with the fact that the sagrada familia is not finished yet. Unlike most people he needs to finish every project he starts. It created a lot of anxiety to stand in front of it & know that it still still hadn’t been completed

  • Rita said:

    @Jill I wish I could take a credit from that, but I heard it years ago from somewhere and it kind of stuck in my mind. One of my favorite sentences about love.

    @Bianca, haha- I feel your husband’s pain, but if there’s anything I learned about Barcelona while living there- there’s a lot of siesta during the day.

  • Rose said:

    stumbled across your blog in a state of self doubt; which i’ve been having a lot since turning 30 afew months ago. It really cheered and woke me up and I’ve decided to take control of my life. why is that we are the hardest critics of ourselves?!
    Thank you

  • Friday {random little} faves… said:

    […] article by Travelettes on the 15 Things to Pack on the Journey to Loving Yourself (read it HERE).  I found this to be a very inspiring article (and it’s not about traveling!).  I loved it […]

  • Rita said:

    @ Rose, thank you for the lovely comment. Starting to take control of your own life isn’t a piece of cake- but worth of every try! That’s how it has been for me, at least.
    Good luck and smiles for the year 2014! It’s gonna be our year ;)

  • Marysia @ My Travel Affairs said:

    Love this list! Each woman should have all those things in her handbag every single day! :)

  • Rita said:

    Tell me about it @Marysia! And the best feature about these things on the list -they can all fit in the carry-on.
    Enjoy your travels xx

  • Ashleigh said:

    Wonderful post!

  • Friday Favorites: Happy Memorial Day weekend! | A Little More Each Day said:

    […] first, we’ll be miserable and unlikely to succeed with the rest of this anyway). This list of 15 things to pack on the trip to loving yourself might have a super cheesy title but I really enjoyed some of the points it raised (and loved the […]

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