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15 fun things to do in Bangkok

Written by 2 February 2014 17 Comments

I’m pretty sure that every blogpost I ever wrote about Thailand and Bangkok in particular was essentially just one big lovefest. It’s true that the most popular of destinations in Asia is simply always guaranteed to provide a good time, pretty much regardless of weather, company or budget. It’s a bit like a disneyland for adults with fun people, amazing food, stimulating culture, great nightlife, incredible beaches – and trust me, that list can go on and on.

Consequently, it was essentially a no-brainer when Thai Airways sent me an email back in November, asking if I would be interested to join a trip to Bangkok and a nearby beach town called Hua Hin. Of course I wanted to join! Now in all honestly, I usually shy away from group trips, I’m just not very good at keeping a schedule on when to eat, where to go and who to hang out with. But in this case – hey, this was Thailand – it couldn’t possibly be bad. And what do you know? I was right.

bangkok thailand von katja hentschel

First lucky strike was that despite an otherwise international team of bloggers, my buddy Marlen who blogs for Ignant was also invited, so together we had a pretty good time going for sunrise swims in the giant pool of the Dusit Thani Hua Hin Hotel, spending a lifetime haggling with cabdrivers for semi-fair prices, shopping clothes on Bangkok street-markets and eating in some really incredible restaurants.

For more tips for accommodation visit our Yonderbox Stay in Bangkok.

bangkok thailand von katja hentschel

Now I must admit, it seems that every time I do go to Thailand something crazy just happened or is still in the process of happening. The first time I went just shortly after the Tsunami hit, the next time I was there during the insane floods of fall 2011 and this time the long-term demonstrations as part of the current political crisis were in full swing. While I have heard a few comments about people cancelling or postponing their Thailand trip due to those unrests, I can assure you that in the 4 days we spent in Bangkok we noticed none of that. We were merely informed that cabdrivers had to take detours to get from the center of the city to popular backpacker mekka Khao San Road, but we didn’t even deal with that by simply taking the boat ferry. More fun anyway. I guess what I’m saying is, if you’re considering a trip to Bangkok or Thailand, don’t let political or weather conditions curb your enthusiasm.

bangkok thailand von katja hentschel

After a total of about 8 trips and at least 2 full months spent in the Thai capitol I feel quite entitled to give you a quick low-down on what the city is all about and what should definitely make it on your to-do list while there. Most to-do lists for Bangkok one finds on the web are all about temples and theatres, here’s a bit more relaxed attitude to what not to miss while in one of the world’s most exciting metropolis.

1. Try all the street food your stomach can fit. Yes, even the insects, you only live once. But whatever you do, don’t mis out on sticky rice (khao niaw), it’s my favorite.

2. Take tuk-tuks, they’re great fun. Stay away from the ones that are waiting outside touristy spots as they might try to scam you. Always opt for tuk tuks you hail off the street. For longer journeys (air-conditioned) taxis are best – in polluted Bangkok your lungs will thank you. Always negotiate prices first or insist on the meter.

3. Shop til you drop. There might be no other place on earth with this many malls, markets and shops to buy from. And it seems there is something for everyone, except of course those taller than 5’5.

4. Go for a ride on the river ferry, because you can’t beat spending 30cents on a cruise.

bangkok thailand von katja hentschel

5. On sundays go to Chatuchak market, the world’s largest weekend market. Seeing it all in one day is a challenge so come early, take breaks, bring cash. This is a prime spot for vintage shopping as many marketeers import their vintage clothing from Japan. This is especially awesome for petite girls, if you’re tall, buy some presents for your friends back home.

6. Splurge and treat yourself to dinner at Vertigo, the restaurant on top of the Banyan Tree hotel. Reservations are necessary as this place is seriously popular.

bangkok thailand von katja hentschel

7. Want the views but can’t spare the cash for the food? Grab a drink at Sky Bar atop the State Tower. Or at any of these great roof top bars.

bangkok thailand von katja hentschel

8. Look out for nightmarkets. Khao San is the obvious choice and probably best at catering to backpackers but my favorite is actually Siam night market, starting at 6 every evening, located right by Siam Station.

9. Ride the sky train, but never during rush hour.

10. Get a foot massage. Or a Thai massage. Or any massage, because they’re usually cheap and awesome and easy to come by. My personal favorite are the footrubs on and around Khao San Road. Enjoyed at nighttime, smoothie in hand, this is a top spot for people watching while getting the full spa-treatment.

bangkok foot massage

11. If on a budget stay at a hotel in the Khao San Road area, but never directly on Khao San (far too loud). I like the Wild Orchid Villa (cool balcony showers!)

12. Let yourself get lost. Wander the streets for ages, sit inside a public bus and let it take you to somewhere new. Bangkok is so easy to live adventures in, take advantage.

bangkok thailand von katja hentschel

13. Relax hard. For a busy city like this one it’s remarkable how easy it can be to come down for a few days. The Khao San area is light in traffic and pedestrian friendly. Grab a seat at one of the guest house restaurants along Chana Songkhram and watch a movie while slurping your 3rd banana milkshake of the day or order some pancakes. My favorite spot for this is New My House Guest House. Then smile at the fact that this set you back a mere dollar or two.

14. With all the budgeting and cheapness, don’t miss out on one or 2 nights at a fancy hotel of your choice. The Kempinski is a good one in a great and central location. Great breakfast here, too!

bangkok thailand von katja hentschelbangkok thailand von katja hentschel

15. Get out of town. One of the beauties of Bangkok is that the nearest beach is only a couple of hours drive away with Hua Hin being your easiest option to reach. We stayed at the Dusit Thani Hua Hin, which was beautiful and offered great food at any time of day. Hus Hin itself is a bit slow during the day but the nightmarket here is awesome. A perfect little spot for a weekend away.

_MG_4186bangkok thailand

Last but not least, it’s important not to let the 6.3 million people who call Bangkok their home get to you. Yes, it’s a big city, there is smog and traffic and it can sometimes unnerve you if you let it. But just like most other large cities there is beauty in the hustle and bustle and it never gets boring. Always a new place to discover, a new flavor to taste, a new experience to live. Come here with an open heart and an open mind and just like many others before you, you will fall for this city.
I’ll leave you with a few more impressions of Bangkok, city of roof-top bars, spa-treatments, night-markets, street food, traffic jams, skyscrapers, river boats and so much more.

bangkok thailand von katja hentschelbangkok thailand von katja hentschelbangkok thailand von katja hentschelbangkok thailand von katja hentschelbangkok thailand von katja hentschelbangkok thailand von katja hentschelbangkok thailand von katja hentschelbangkok thailand von katja hentschelbangkok thailand von katja hentschelbangkok thailand von katja hentschelbangkok thailand von katja hentschelbangkok thailand von katja hentschelbangkok thailand von katja hentschelbangkok thailand von katja hentschel


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  • Brandee said:

    Great ideas!! I love Bangkok. And I agree Thai Air is awesome! I became addicted to the massages while there!

  • Stef said:

    Thanks for sharing your ideas. I’d love to visit Bangkok and I’d totally try everything that fits in my stomach. I also love rooftop bars and am convinced that the views in Bangkok are amazing.

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  • Quyen said:

    The markets and the street food are my favorites!

  • Eirik said:

    Thanks for the info. And very nice photos too.

    Can’t get enough of bangkok :)

  • Siti said:

    Thank you for the wonderful post! I’m a frequent flyer to bangkok and I can never get enough of this amazing country. It feels like home away from home for me. Good day!

  • vishal said:

    Thanku for yur suggestions and cant wait to see a city like this.

  • Saskia said:

    Hey! Sounds amazing. I’m doing my internship in Hua Hin next year. Did you enjoy this city? Do you have any recommendations?

  • Dave said:

    Bangkok is an amazing city. I visited in 2013 and I am going back this year (2015) Friendly people but like anywhere you just have to be “streetwise” and treat the Thai people with courtesy and you will have a great holiday.

  • Fernando said:

    Hello, after reading this amazing piece of writing i am
    too glad to share my knowledge here with friends.

  • Charmaine said:

    Wow! Awesome review and I so love the pictures. I recently started a travel and fashion blog, and what better way to kickstart my blogging than to visit Asia’s shopping capital. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone- to see such a beautiful place and get the latest fashion trends!

    I wrote a short review on my trip to Siem Reap- you might want to check it out and let me know what you think!


  • sallyaroundtheworld said:

    Great post. I love Bangkok. I am here for a month and it is so much more than Khao San road (Although that is pretty fun).

  • Kirsten said:

    Do you remember the location/organisation of the ferry ride?

  • ploy said:

    If you come to BKK.I would like to recommend indoor activity “The Escape Hunt Experience” to be your choice. It’s like the escape game on the phone but it’s real to lock you in the room and you have to solve the puzzles until you can escape from the room. I really had extremely fun !
    You can check it from the link below.

  • Lynn A Girard said:

    What a great listing of fun things to do in Bangkok. I agree 100% with you on the foot massages – they are super cheap & some of the best massages that I have had in my life.

    Check out what my husband & I did during our 2 days in Bangkok:

  • Julia said:

    #ploy I’ve tried The Escape Hunt in Bangkok and it was a great fun.

  • Mathew said:

    Thank you! When I tell people the best shwarma I’ve eaten was in Bangkok, they look at me like I just escapes from an asylum! ha ha

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