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100 Abandoned Houses by Kevin Bauman

Written by 12 December 2013 9 Comments


Following on from our recent post about faux facades and buildings that don’t exist, I stumbled upon these photos by photographer Kevin Bauman, a collection called 100 Abandoned Houses. I found them spooky, provoking and strangely addictive. They were shot in Detroit – the photographer’s hometown – and the project began over a decade ago when he began to notice a steady decline in some of the city’s neighbourhoods. This week a judge ruled that Detroit can go ahead and file for bankruptcy, and in many ways this collection of photos really drives home the reality of what happens when a city loses its life blood; its people.

Every city, every town and every country has abandoned houses and I think what I find so intriguing about this and the 100 Abandoned Houses collection of photos is that each house must have been abandoned for a reason, so I find myself staring at these shells of homes and thinking; Why? Where did their owners go? What are the stories behind these houses?

You can find out a little bit more here and I urge you to also check out Kevin Bauman’s other projects and photography, especially his small churches collection of photos.

I hope you find these photos as fascinating as I do.

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All rights reserved by Kevin Bauman.

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  • Kathi said:

    I simply can’t stop thinking, that I HAVE to go to Detroit very soon… It’s so sad to see these houses! Some of them are so beautiful!

  • Cheyenne said:

    This is amazing, it’s crazy how people just leave this beautiful buildings, it’s also crazy what an economy can do to a city like Detroit.


  • Rianne said:

    Those houses are so creepy but in the mean time very intriguing. It keeps me wondering what kind of people have lived there and what has happend!

  • Quyen said:

    I’ve seen a lot of these pictures on instagram. It is bittersweet, beautiful but so sad…

  • Frankie (author) said:

    I agree Kathi – I have to try and get there soon…

    Cheyenne – these photos really made me realise what’s happening in Detroit.

    Quyen, some of the houses look so big and grand – all very sad to see.

  • Frankie (author) said:

    Rianne – That’s exactly what I end up wondering…

  • caroline [the diy nurse] said:

    It breaks my heart to see such beautiful homes left like that. I hope someone comes along to love them and breathe life back into them.

  • Jamie said:

    If you love this series, you should also look into the Heidelberg Project in Detroit. I was lucky enough to hear about it when I went to visit Detroit this fall. It’s an entire suburban block of abandoned houses that has been transformed into a huge art installation, involving and inspiring the community!


  • Victoria said:

    I love these images x

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