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15 Things to do, eat & see in Sri Lanka

Travelers are not supposed to have favorites and if we do, someone usually tries to make you feel bad about it. The truth is, though, we do, I think it is just human nature. Those are the places we feel at home and our heart frequently longs to go back to. Sometimes to the detriment of our 'real' homes. For me, those favorites create an issue because they me[...]

This is the guy who shoots the most beautiful videos you've seen this year

I've already introduced you to Tobi Schnorpfeil, a German videographer and Instagrammer, in my last Insta Faves post but I found myself gasping for air every time he uploaded an image that I figured he'd be the right guy for a Q&A on what made him the great story teller he is. Without further ado, ladies and gents, meet the man behind the camera: http[...]

8 Breathtaking Sites Not to Miss in the Atacama Desert!

The Atacama Desert of Northern Chile is notably the driest non-polar place on Earth. As such, it is home to a distinct myriad of otherworldly landscapes – often compared by even NASA scientists and researchers to the appearance of Mars. The desert is filled with evolving textures and gradients that extend throughout over 100,000 square kilometers of terrain,[...]

A Trip to Bhalil: Going off the beaten track in Morocco

When planning my trip to Morocco back in October 2016, I definitely did not want it to be just another imperial cities and desert journey like many. Sure, I could not wait to see Fes or Marrakesh, and I was looking forward Chefchaouen's characteristic blue, not to mention the wonderful experience a friend of mine had in Rabat in her month long stay that made[...]

5 Stunning Spots on Sri Lanka's South Coast

I didn't know what to expect when I visited Sri Lanka, but after a few months travelling around India, I was more than ready to chill out on a beach somewhere and Sri Lanka seemed like a good choice. Unfortunately, I only had 10 days in the country, and so instead of travelling around trying to see as much as possible, I settled for exploring the South Coast[...]

What's it's like to Travel the World as an Arab Woman

In the beginning... I will never forget my first trip abroad when I was 16 - I went to Paris with my parents. It was the first foreign country I visited and I might as well have gone to a different planet. My love for travelling started at a very young age and I began to go on solo trips when I was still working in a bank. The cultures, people and exper[...]

10 Tips for Photographing Cities

Some places are easy to photograph, stunning mountain vistas are hard to get wrong, and paradise beaches are always going to look gorgeous even if your horizon line isn't quite straight. But cities can be tricky. They are overwhelming, busy and a kaleidoscope of sounds, smells and colours. Sometimes it's difficult to know where to start with photographing th[...]

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