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A Traveller's Little Helper: Mission Control

Hands up, who has ever been in a situation, when you needed to make last-minute travel arrangements on the road, but comparing prices and making a booking on your phone was too inconvenient (damn you, tiny screen); or when the only available internet connection was way too slow to load those travel websites and apps - making your research equally frustrating[...]

10 Reasons Why You Should Try Couch Surfing

At the very beginning of 2015, I undertook the trip I had always dreamed of. I boarded a plane in Paris on December 31st and spent New Year’s Eve crossing half the world to land in Bali, on the first day of January. The plan I had in mind was simple: to travel from South-East Asia to Europe, mostly crossing off-the-beaten-track countries on my way, located e[...]

A Travelettes Itinerary for Myanmar

Nestled between India and Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) was once a bit of a mystery for travellers, notoriously difficult to enter and largely closed off to the west. However, in recent years things have changed, and Myanmar has grown in reputation to become one of Asia's most exciting and intriguing destinations. I've had the pleasure of travelling through the [...]

5 Reasons to Visit London in Autumn

It's that dangerous time of the year again, when the last days of summer have been counted (autumn officially started on September 23rd) and we are all at risk of drifting into an ugly post-summer-depression. But alas, there is travel, and escaping this monotony does not necessarily mean having to run far and long to escape the dropping temperatures entirely[...]

Couples Who Travel: Savi & Vid

As you know, we have started introducing you to our favourite traveling couples and decided to make this a series. Next up in our spotlight are Savi and Vid, two urban gypsies traveling with style. Do you know another couple who is traveling the world and blogging about it? Or are you one of them? We'd love to get your input as we're always looking for ne[...]

12 Travel Wardrobe Essentials: Keep Warm, Look Cool

As a traveller, you're bound to pick up the odd bits and bobs from each country that you pass through. We always say 'this time I won't buy anything'... But let's face it, that never really sticks! When asked where you got your outfit from, it's pretty fun to go through each piece and name the city or country where you sourced it. So your wardrobe might b[...]

Reality Check: New York City on Screen vs. My Life in the City

"If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere..." Everybody knows these famous lines about one of the most famous cities. I'm probably one of the few people though who moved to New York without having them on my mind. I didn't care much about 'making it', I just thought it sounded like a fun place and wouldn't it be cool to go to college there?! Still I arr[...]

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