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An important message #bloggersforrefugees

Many of you will have heard and read about the influx of war and political refugees Europe, and particularly Germany, have seen in the recent months and weeks. Berlin is among those cities who have had the most arrivals of people, often whole families with babies and small children, from countries like Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan. So many of them have arrived[...]

The Travelettes Guide to Marseille

“You’re from France? Oh, I love Paris!” - I stopped counting the number of times I’ve heard this sentence since I started traveling. Going abroad makes you realize how we usually stick to “must-sees” and capitals when it comes to choosing itineraries and feeling entitled to give a legitimate feedback about a country. Trying to convince people that my home co[...]

Finding the real Morocco outside Marrakech

"You are all travelers; the tourists will go to Marrakech or simply stay in the resort town of Agadir, but what you are seeing now is the real Morocco." After days of winding mountain roads, small Moroccan villages and traveling from Marrakech to the Sahara, our Topdeck guide was gushing about the real Morocco so often overlooked by visitors to this country.[...]

Top 10 places to visit in the Balkans

I have never been especially proud to be French, but I always felt particularly lucky to be European. Let’s be honest, it’s pretty cool to be able to hop on a plane for the weekend with only your ID in your pocket, fly to Barcelona, Rome, Porto or London and reach your destination in less than an hour. But in 2014, as I was looking through my atlas, my eyes [...]

5 little ways to avoid the tourist treatment in Asia

When traveling, we’re essentially walking targets. We tote around our cameras, our 15 gallon packs are loaded with endless amounts of gear, our physical features are different, and we may even strut around downtown in our workout clothes on a Friday night (guilty), making us relentlessly stick out like a sore thumb. Needless to say, as ramblin’ gypsies, the [...]

What travel takes and what it gives

Travel takes a lot. It takes money, debit cards, planning, patience and time. Colombian pick pockets have taken my purse, Bali ATM’s have taken my banking information, India has taken my definition of personal space and shrunk it ten fold. New cities have stolen my heart, or a small piece of it, because there are just way too many cities I have left my heart[...]

5 cool things to do in Edinburgh

I'm a Glasgow girl through and through - after two years of living here, people can certainly pick that up from my accent, and I love it. They might even be able to pick it up from my behaviour, as a friend of mine put it very adequately after the police had been called to our hotel on a recent trip, because I was chatting to loudly with my balcony neighbour[...]

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