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26 Photos that'll make you visit the Philippines

    A series of tropical photos always make my eyes glaze, my mind wander and my heart burn to be on the lonesome beaches. When trying to sort through my mammoth photo library from the past year of travels, I stumbled across hundreds of shots from my time island hopping in the Philippines. So many wanderlust shots of turquoise waters, whi[...]

Ten wonderful things to do in Buenos Aires

Colourful. Gritty. Impassioned. Glamorous. Relaxed. For me, those five words sum up Buenos Aires. It’s impossible not to love this city and all of its contradictions. Every barrio (neighbourhood) of this sprawling and eclectic metropolis has its own character and list of “must-see” attractions. From hipster Palermo with its new designers, cafes and pa[...]

In Photos: A roadtrip through Sardinia

I love Sardinia; I admire how a relatively small island can be so diverse. So wild and tame at the same time - a magical place, with endless beaches and dozy little villages, where old Italian men sell you tomatoes and the best espresso you ever tasted. And I love roadtrips. So it only makes sense, that the two combined work like pure magic for me and my[...]

24 hours in Krakow: From Absinthe to Salt Mines

From absinthe to salt mines, Krakow certainly surprised me! I knew absolutely nothing about the city before my flight. Literally not a thing... to the point where I was at the airport waiting for my flight and realised I had Euros... and Poland has the Zloty (zł) currency. Cue me quickly kicking myself and then doing a dash to the mad expensive currency exch[...]

How to escape the tourist crowds in Italy

You may be surprised to learn that some people have a love-hate relationship with Italy. When I first traveled to Italy in my early 20s I found the tourist crowds suffocating, the traffic insane, the prices exorbitant and the noise intolerable. Twenty years later I returned, determined to find the beautiful Italy that so many people talk about. This time [...]

Five food blogs to spark your culinary wanderlust

©Tabea Mathern Sometimes you don’t need to travel far to experience another culture; some journeys await you right in your kitchen, just a few meters away from your desk. So even if you are not a crazy chef or just cook every now and then, it’s worth going out there (into your kitchen) to experiment with new dishes and flavors. You can easily bring a bit [...]

A Love Letter to Sydney, Australia

Dear Sydney, I fell in love with you as it happens in the books: slowly at the beginning.. and then suddenly all at once. I met you when I could not find myself anymore, but from the very first step I took on your ground I felt like you knew me since I was born. You welcomed me on a windy and warm December night, and gently let me walk through your[...]

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