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My truly meaningful volunteering experience in Mexico

A couple of years ago I read an article by Annabel Langbein, one of New Zealand’s favourite chefs. Describing a recent trip she’d taken, she said, “I know I’m a tourist, but I never want to feel like one.” That summed up perfectly how I feel about travelling. But what if you could go beyond just being a tourist? What if you could truly shed that label and li[...]

15 things to do while waiting at the airport

I feel like I’ve spent most of this year at airports - which of course isn’t true - but time seems to pass extra slowly until take-off, right? Well, except for this one time in Frankfurt when I read what must have been a fantastic book and missed the gate change announcement… and the flight. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the book title but man, that was an[...]

10 Things to Expect as a Seasonal Worker

Last summer I scored my first seasonal job and I loved it!  Even though it wasn't always perfect, I loved it so much I already signed up to it again during the winter and next summer.  Seasonal job opportunities are available all over the US, especially near or in National Parks and ski resorts, which need people for tons of different jobs.  If you ever get [...]

How to Get Comfortable with Traveling

I'm not talking about homesickness here - at least, not entirely. Traveling is one of my main passions in life, and yet I still experience an uneasy restlessness when I'm in a new place. It doesn't matter how amazing the destination is, I simply cannot settle. It's something we don't like to talk about for fear of being regarded as less of an '[...]

20 Things To Go Do By Yourself

There is something to be said for doing things alone, for forging your own path and moving through life to the beat of your own drum. It is a trait we admire in solo adventurers like Cheryl Sayed in 'Wild', or the brave young man Christopher McCandless as he enters the woods never to return home again in 'Into the Wild.' There is something alluring and magne[...]

Spending a week in Iceland on an Artists' retreat

My first time in Iceland was long-awaited, freezing cold, very dark and surprisingly quiet. Getting to see the Northern Lights and driving around the ring road had always been pretty high on my imaginary to-see list but it took five friends from the US (!) to ask me if I wanted to come join their week of photography and art in a mountain hut just outside Rey[...]

Why Mexico Is Richer Than You Think

Living in the United States, people grow up with the idea that life in a developing country is deprived of luxury. It’s a common misconception that those countries are less fortunate financially, and therefore they must be unhappy with their lives. Perhaps we should be able to see that fortune comes in form other than bills and coins. From a distance, th[...]

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