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Meet the pets who travel more than you

Most of the time I love checking out other people's travel blogs and stumbling across someone's Instagram account who is in the midst of travelling the world over an extended period of time. Sometimes, though, I get jealous. Just for a little moment I wish it was me taking a selfie in the Brazilian rainforest, sunbathing on a Caribbean beach or slurping cock[...]

Why we should all care about what happens after Brexit

I always took the EU for granted. I took the political stability for granted, I took the travels for granted, the invisible borders, I took the cultural exchange for granted, the festivals, the food, the music, I took the internships in Brussels for granted, I took the relative peace for granted, I took the freedom that spanned way over borders for granted. [...]

Why Every Traveler Should Try Film Photography

I’ve been addicted to travelling ever since I left home to do my first season abroad working for a large British tour operator. And I’m never without a camera, whether that’s a compact point and shoot, a GoPro, my iPhone or my DSLR. I would literally have some kind of camera attached to my face wherever I went. I’d upload hundreds of photos to Facebook from [...]


As you know, we have started introducing you to our favorite traveling couples and decided to make this a series. Next up in our spotlight are Ana and Xander of the blog Travel the World With Us, two Parisians who left everything behind in 2015, to go discover what the world had to offer, for a year. Ana and Xander: The Round the World Travelers Th[...]

Traveletting on the Trans-Mongolian Railway

Moments pass like a blur through the scratched window of my airport taxi. Communist tower blocks, Russian lettering, illuminating lights at the street side, and then blackness as far as the eye could see. Ulaan Baatar was the beginning of my trip through Mongolia, Siberia and Russia, and upon first landing, the city was like no other part of Asia I had previ[...]

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